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Latin Name:
Turnera aphrodisiaca or diffusa


A small aromatic shrub native to the northwest desert region of Mexico. It is also found in the desert southwest of the United States and in many parts of South America. The flowers are yellow, arising singly from axils of the leaves followed by a one-celled capsule splitting into three pieces. The flower has an aromatic smell with a bitterish taste.

Common Uses

It clears the kidneys, helps the digestion, relieves constipation, and benefits lung problems and coughs. It is a relaxing nervine and tonic with an affinity for nervous system problems that affect the reproductive system. It works by increasing blood flow, blood oxygenation, and energy in the affected area while it relaxes the whole person. it is also used for debility, depression and lethargy.


The Mayans called it mizibcoc and used it in the treatment of giddiness and loss of balance. It is still made into a popular alcoholic drink in Mexico.

Products Containing this Ingredient

Action Max for Men, Female Hormone Balance (formerly Female Tonic Blend), Gallbladder Care™ (formerly Gall™), Men’s Virility Power, Rosemary Plus®, Stop Smoking Blend

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