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Latin Name:
Artemisia absinthium


Perennial with feathery gray-green leaves, long stalked, and oval, that produce an acid odor. Flowers are small, round, greenish-yellow florets, followed by simple seeds. Height: up to 2 and a half feet. Blooms: July-August.

Common Uses

Wormwood expels roundworms and threadworms, probably due to its sesquiterpene lactones. It is also a muscle relaxer that is especially used for rheumatism. It also improves digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It eases gas and bloating and slowly strengthens the digestive system when taken over time.


In the 1800s, wormwood was used to make a powerful drink known as "absinthe." It was so dangerous to those who used it that it was made illegal by most countries by 1915. It is used today in Absorbine, Jr. and to flavor vermouth.

Products Containing this Ingredient

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