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Wood Betony

Latin Name:
Stachys officinalis


Softly textured bush with rosettes of stiff, hairy, pointed leaves. Spikes of pink or white flowers bloom July-August. Height: 2-3 feet; width: 2 feet

Common Uses

Wood betony is used to treat headaches and facial pain. It is also mildly sedative, relieving nervous stress and tension. Taken in combination with other herbs, it is effective against sinus headaches and congestion. It also stimulates the digestive system and liver, and has an overall tonic effect on the body.


Antonius Musa, physician to Emperor Augustus, claimed that betony would cure 47 different illnesses. The herb has always been particularly valued as a remedy for headaches. The Spanish proverb, "He has as many virtues as betony" illustrates how highly people valued this herb.

Products Containing this Ingredient

Relax- Eze, Sinus Blend™ (formerly Stuffy®)

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