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Latin Name:
Quassia amara


Tree with smooth, grayish bark, alternate oblong leaves and small red flowers. Produces three pea-size drupes that are black, shiny, and globose with a thin shell. Height: 50-100 feet. Blooms: October-November

Common Uses

Quassia has been shown in laboratory studies to have antiviral and anti-ulcer effects. Clinical studies have shown that it is effective in treating head lice. In the U.S. it is most often used for relieving digestive disorders and as a digestive aid. Additionally, it is used as a live and gallbladder aid, as well as to prevent kidney stones.


Quassia bark extracts are sometimes used against aphids on crop plants. The wood and its main chemical, quassin, are used to impart a bitter taste to beverages and baked goods. In South America, it is widely used for lice and skin parasites.

Products Containing this Ingredient

Wormwood Combination™

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