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Glossary - Kroeger Herb® Products Co., Inc.

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Papaya  Carica papaya

A palm-like, tropical, herbaceous perennial tree growing very rapidly to 25 feet. It is gray-brown and scarred, being of a fleshy woody substance. It is soft and hollow. The melon-like fruits are berries and can weigh up to 22 pounds.

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Paprika  Capsicum annuum

Spice made from ground peppers, in various grades depending on which parts of the pepper plant are used.

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Parsley  Petroselinum crispum

Parsley is a soft, rounded leafy mound, with a height of 2-3 feet and 10 inches in width. Flowers are green-yellow in umbels.

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Passion Flower  Passiflora incarnata

Stalk with 2-inch flowers having brilliant purple or pink coronas and five white or lavender petals. Tendrils coil out from the leaf axils, which are alternately placed. The fruit, a berry, is known as a water lemon, and has thin orange skin with edible yellowish pulp containing many seeds. Height: 25-30 feet. Blooms: Early to late summer.

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Peach  Prunus persica

Deciduous tree up to 25 feet high, with fast-growing, spreading branches. Leaves are tapering oblongs with serrated edges. Pale pink blossoms appear before leaves are fully open. The fruit surrounds a hard stone with an oil-filled kernel inside. Blooms: April

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Pennyroyal  Mentha pulegium

English pennyroyal: Tall groundcover with a height of 1 foot and a width of 1 foot. The flowers are pale purple, grouped in whorls on upper top of short flowering stalks. The leaves are dark green and slightly hairy.

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Peppermint  Mentha piperita

Reddish, erect, branched stems up to 2-3 feet high. Peppermint's leaves are hairy, sharply serrated, and are green to reddish-green. Whorled clusters of reddish flowers form loose spikes at leaf axils.

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Pimpernel  Pimpinella saxifraga

Tender stem with stalkless leaves growing in pairs. White-yellowish flowers grow in umbels, followed by tiny brown-black fruit. Blooms: July-August

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Pipsissewa  Chimaphila umbellata

Low growing evergreen plant with wriggly-looking stems that trail along the ground. Flowers are in terminal clusters on long stalks and may be white or pink. It produces globe-shaped capsules containing many seeds and grows up to 10 inches. Blooms: May-August.

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Plantain  Plantago lanceolata

The greater plantain is usually perennial, and survives the winter by means of its short rootstock set with long fibrous roots. The five to seven-veined leaves are all arranged in a basal rosette that lies flat on the ground. It blooms from May to August.

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Pleurisy Root  Asclepias tuberosa

Herbaceous perennial with brilliant orange or red flower clusters, followed by green pods that open and release silky seeds. Height: 2 feet. Blooms: Mid-summer to autumn

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Pomegranate  Punica granatum

Deciduous shrub or tree with spine-tipped branches, whorls of lance-shaped leaves, and scarlet flowers. The fruit is leathery-rinded and contains many pulp-covered seeds. Height: Up to 20 feet

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Poppy  Papaver rhoeas

Delicate annual growing up to 3 feet, with an erect, hairy stem. that bears lance-shaped basal leaves and incised stem leaves. The 2-inch wide red flowers have black anthers. It has small rounded seed capsules. Blooms: May-October.

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Prickly Ash  Zanthoxylum americanum

Shrub or small tree with sharp spines on branches and leaf stalks. Oval, pinnate leaves are dark green with soft hairs on the undersides, and small, yellow-green flowers appear before leaves. Blue berries are surrounded by gray shells and grow in clusters at tops of branches. Blooms: May-June. Height: Up to 10 feet

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Pumpkin  Cucurbita pepo

Trailing annual vine with long, branched stems up to 20 feet bearing large, triangular lobed leaves. Funnel-shaped, deep yellow flowers appear, swelling and ripening into bright orange, ribbed fruit. Blooms: July-September

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